Contests in water play an important role in the world of sports.

Contestants and nations compete in many ways.
Even a hundredth of a second may turn out to be a lifetime achievement, making the difference between victory and defeat. We contribute to recording this unrepeatable moment with our expertise, which is embodied in our

Delfin PT officiating system.

And what is the most important thing?

Always the athlete.

It is in this spirit, and aware of our responsibility, that we create our systems and do our job, serving competition sports at a high professional standard.
Here is a list of our major products, which are described in detail in the following pages:

  • Delfin PT-80 officiating equipment

  • Scoreboard

  • MBP touch panel

  • RMSK-01 start block

  • KRT sensor

  • Self-propelling mobile pool wall

  • Various sports technology items